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What we do

Impact Management Accounting Solutions helps small businesses, typically from start-ups to £10m annual turnover, to:
This is achieved through a mixture of management accounting (which utilises the data buried in accounting systems to produce really useful, actionable information to which we will add, for example, budgets, forecasts, performance graphs etc) together with friendly and experienced consultants who interpret the useful information and agree actions with you, the business owner, in order to achieve your goals.

Almost all large companies have management accountants. Smaller companies are often not aware how these specialist accountants can help.  Without management accounting, many small businesses are literally in the dark on how their business is performing on a month by month basis.
So, how does it work?  Well, the typical business we help may, in addition to the owner(s), comprise sales and other staff, a bookkeeper and an external accounting firm, which produces annual accounts and files tax returns.

We don’t change that!  We add something you’ll find very useful. By working alongside the bookkeeper, we produce management accounts for you the owner, normally every month, which provide actionable information. We then spend time one-to-one with you interpreting that information to give you clear guidance and agree with you what to do next.

We would expect to work closely with your business over the first twelve months or so.  Later, if the bookkeeper can be trained to take on the production of management accounts, our support can move to ‘maintenance’ levels, designed to optimise benefits while minimising costs.  Don’t worry if your bookkeeper finds this challenging – there are many ways in which we can get the information produced.
  • Manage cash flow and survive
  • Grow and become stronger
  • Enhance financial controls
  • Become more profitable
What we do
One of our clients
describes management accounting as “seeing into the future – it’s not bean-counting or looking backwards.”
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How we do it

If you think your business is too small for all this….

And if you want to grow your business….

How does your business shape up?

We help tiny or start-up businesses by distilling the above into easy-to-manage spreadsheets then we mentor the business owner at all times. We provide that confidential listening ear and sounding board so that, although you are small, you’re never on your own. Somebody is normally available to take your calls even at evenings or weekends. And of course, if you would like us to prepare annual accounts and file tax returns, we can do these too.
We help larger businesses, once they have the management accounting in place, to develop strategies for the future of their businesses. We can produce business plans for presentation to lenders or investors, or evaluate any business proposal. We get to know your business and give you the benefit of seeing it from the outside rather than ‘close to the coal face’ as you may see it.
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