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describes management accounting as “seeing into the future – it’s not bean-counting or looking backwards.”
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1. Is your turnover between £10k and £5million?
2. Do you want to reduce your overheads, increase profit margins and turnover.
3. If you have a bookkeeper are they your only in-house financial resource?
4. Does your current accounting system just “keep score”.?
5. Are your accounts behind by more than 4 weeks?
6. Would you really like your accounting system to help you control your business?
7. Do you need to accurately forecast your cashflow over the next few months?
8. Would you like more time to spend on building your business rather than poring over accounts.
9. Are you hoping to grow your business?
10. Do you need meaningful performance indicators and measures to
help drive your business forward?
11. Have you ever wished you had someone like a Financial Director with
whom to discuss possible ways forward for your business; someone who would be able to tell you exactly what the financial implications of any given action would be, but maybe you thought it would be just too expensive? (A qualified and experienced FD could cost around £60k/annum plus benefits).
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We can offer the ongoing support of a qualified Management Accountant who:
If you have answered NO to most of the above questions then you probably feel you already have all the financial information you need to help you make the right decisions.  We hope your are right, and Good Luck!
  • really cares what happens to your business.
  • enables you to make informed judgments.
  • helps you to move your company forward by giving you an accurate picture of your financial position throughout the year.
  • will help you to formulate sound business plans – short and long term.

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