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One of our clients once described management accounting as “seeing into the future – it’s not bean-counting or looking backwards.  It’s forward looking, helping the business to improve results by giving it the information it needs to make changes while there is still time to do something about it!”

Another summed up our relationship by saying “I, the owner, am too close to everything; the external accountants are too distant.  Impact’s monthly reporting provides just the right level of support."
“[Impact] produced management accounts and instilled in our company the disciplines of budgeting and enhanced financial controls.  This benefited our organisation greatly, as we were expanding and needed the sound foundation of cost controls which [they] developed. It also gave greater insight into my company’s profitability on a monthly basis and meant that I could rely on monthly reports which were prepared on a similar basis and to a similar standard as our year end figures.”
“I am certain that [Impact’s] valuable advice and input helped [us] to grow, not only in size but also in stature.”
“The accounts and graphs produced have given me far greater visibility of margins, costs and profits than ever before.  The organised approach to budgeting gave me a greater insight into my company’s future performance and on more than one occasion I was able to take actions that ensured my targets would be met.”
“[Impact] is a true asset to our business. Their monthly set of management accounts is an incredibly useful tool in helping us to grow and steer the future of our business.”
“You saved our business!”
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One of our clients
describes management accounting as “seeing into the future – it’s not bean-counting or looking backwards.”
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Managing Director, Training Company

Managing Director, Contamination Control and Medical Device manufacturer which grew at an average 50% per annum during the seven years we worked together.

Owner, Fine Wine importer and distributor

Owner, Luxury goods manufacturer

Owner, Outdoor goods distributor

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